Cedar Face FoundationServing, Advocating, and Promoting Health, Wellness, and Self-Sufficiency of Native Peoples!
About the Cedar Face Foundation
The Cedar Face Foundation, founded in 2006, is run by Frederick Cedar Face, an enrolled Oglala Sioux tribal member, and his wife, Gail Cedar Face. Both have advanced degrees, Fred having a Masters in Social Work and Gail with a Masters in Health Administration. They have dedicated their lives to improving life on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, spans three counties: Oglala Lakota, Bennett, and Jackson, and vies for the distinction of the poorest county in the United States. Initially, the Cedar Face Foundation was focused on Maternal Child healthcare, starting 1, 2, 3… Hi Baby! to address the rising incidence of infant mortality of Indian peoples. However, they soon realized the prevailing contributors to maternal, child health issues, infant mortality, and family continuity, are directly related to the experiences of violence, resulting in depression, alcohol and substance abuse, and even suicide. PTSD and Toxic Stress affects virtually every home throughout the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

So, the Cedar Face Foundation addresses the problem head on through VDOVE (Victims of Domestic and Other Violent Experiences). Every client is screened for PTSD, Toxic Stress, and depression, and we build interventions and case management to meet the needs of each client, including ensuring access to healthcare, counselling, and providing legal advocacy in Tribal Courts and other programs including, but not limited to the local school systems, via Ape’ (Lakota verb for Hope in action), for students with special needs and others who may be victims of bullying to name a few.

Vision Statement:

The Vision of the Cedar Face Foundation is the premier resource for Native Peoples to define and develop health, wellness, and self-sufficiency, regardless of race, or condition in life. Based in traditional values and applying best practices, strengthened by knowledge and promotion of treaty-given rights to the Native Peoples of the Plains, we drive awareness, while striving to prevent and reduce the acute and long-term effects of PTSD and Toxic Stress.