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VDOVE (Victims of Domestic and Other Violent Experiences)


VDOVE (Victims of Domestic and Other Violent Experiences) works to prevent PTSD, drive awareness about PTSD and Toxic Stress, and provide professional and legal advocacy for clients affected by PTSD and Toxic Stress. The Cedar Face Foundation works to ensure a safe environment, seek assistance, provide effective advocacy, and seek justice, while upholding the civil rights for each of our clients.

Violence affects us all to a greater or lesser degree. However, some may live with fear and anxiety from exposure, often repeated exposure to trauma and violence. PTSD doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Research strongly indicates that psychological intervention is effective in mitigating PTSD effects.

For these interventions to work, however, the condition must be recognized and diagnosed before effective treatment beyond antidepressants can begin. The Cedar Face Foundation is the only program routinely screening for both depression and PTSD symptoms to help spur targeted psychological treatment for this debilitating condition.

PTSD and Toxic Stress symptoms often lead to issues on both sides of the law. Sometimes as a victim of violence, protector of victims of violence, guardians of children neglected and abused, to name a few. Still others, who find themselves on the wrong side of the law, who screen positive for PTSD/Toxic Stress, caught up because of addictions and risk-taking behaviors related to PTSD.

VDOVE Works With Each Client.....
  • To screen for symptoms and severity of PTSD/Toxic Stress

  • Through the Oglala Sioux Tribal court system for protection orders and to pursue justice, as appropriate.

  • To improve and strengthen the support network identified by the victim.

  • Provide legal advocacy for clients struggling with PTSD who find themselves caught up on either side of the law.

    • Ensure Civil rights observed and protected.

  • To Build Interventions and Case Management

    • Identify and assist in accessing local, regional, support services available.
    • Access to physical and mental healthcare providers

      • Including acute and chronic health issues
      • Promote the importance of maternal and family healthcare
      • Elderly Cares Awareness

        • Adequate Nutrition
        • Family Services, etc.

      • Counselling services – i.e.: Depression, Anger Management,

        • PTSD Counselling

          • Cognitive and Behavior Therapies
          • Trigger Recognition / Management
          • Traditional Counselling Methods